The Best BBW Dating Websites

December 29, 2010 at 5:43 pm (Adult Dating, BBW, Casual Sex) (, )

Here is a list of the top BBW dating websites that can be found online today:

1. BBW Personals Plus:
For men seeking BBW, this site receives the bumper one rating because the process of finding that special someone is fun on this site! It is full of features that make online communication with other members easy and relaxed.

This site is geared towards online dating, however it also more of a casual sex dating site. Therefore, if you’re looking for something more freaky, like having sex with a BBW, then this site is for you. There are tons of members to choose from and a lot of different features, like webcam chat, for example.

3. BBW Cupid:
This site is visually appealing and has a lot of different features such as: search,profile, who’s interested and membership activity. The basic search allows to find a partner by basic statistics.

4. BBW Sexy Ads:
The registration pages look a little dated, but after you’ve registered the site starts to look pretty slick and fun.

5. BBW Date Finder:
A pretty intuitive site, well designed and has a good color scheme and an easy-to-use layout.

6. Larger Date:
This site is big, bubbly and very pink! There’s a pretty good FAQ section for any one new to online dating.

7. Large Friends:
This site isn’t very appealing when you log on. There’s a lot of text and very little design.

8. Find a BBW Lover:
This site is an adult site for singles or couples looking for sex. Once you register, the site is way too busy, but this could be because there are so many features for your to use.

9. BBW Romance:
This site is exactly like BBW Lover. It’s casual and non threatening and has a polished and attractive look and color scheme.


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Panda Porn an Epic Failure

December 28, 2010 at 5:43 pm (Adult Dating, BBW, Panda Porn, Performance Anxiety) (, , , )

Chuang Chuang the Panda at Chiang Mai Zoo in Northern Thaliand doesn’t like porn. Seems he just isn’t that into sex in general. He’s got a big beautiful woman panda in his cage with him, but so far he doesn’t seem interested. Maybe she’s not his type. Maybe he’s too scared to approach her. Maybe he’s gay. Who knows. Apparently, the world of panda adult dating is more complicated than we thought. Someone needs to buy that panda a drink.

In an attempt to get Chuang Chuang up for a little randy action, handlers at the zoo ordered Mr. Asexual a big, healthy dose of panda pornography. XXX movies for pandas are just like ours – they feature two of the black and white beasties going at it. All the action is from the rear, of course – my favorite. I bet there are a lot of furries out there who would love to see some of that action! They’re probably sewing their panda costumes as I type.

Handlers also speculated that Chuang Chuang didn’t know what the fuck he was doing, as in, he just didn’t know how to fuck. The porn was also supposed to work as a sort of instruction manual. While Chuang Chuang watches and learns, his big-boned woman panda friend has been put in another cage. I bet she’s hoping there’s at least one scene in the flick where the girl panda sits on the guy panda’s face.

While handlers are hoping for a blissful, x-rated reunion, Chuang Chuang just doesn’t seem to care. The videos aren’t doing it for him.

There are only 1,600 giant pandas in central China; most live in the region’s mountain forests. There are an additional 120 in breeding facilities in the country and around 20 in zoos outside of China. The species’ endangered status makes it very important that Chuang Chuang gets his groove back. Hmm, maybe he has performance anxiety….


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My Fat Friend Has More Sex Then Me

December 16, 2010 at 9:49 pm (BBW, Casual Sex) (, , , )

Here’s a shallow comparison between me and my best mate. I am an avid gym goer, my mate breaks a sweat when reaching for twinkie .I pride myself on being well fit, my mate thinks pilates is for women that have no hobbies. I love having sex, my mate has a lot of sex, and I however do not. It wasn’t until recently that I fell in a long dry spell that I noticed that my fatter best friend was having much more sex then I was. What was wrong with this picture, I thought women wanted a fit guy? Instead it seems that women actually enjoy a larger man as well.

I asked him what his secret was and this is what he told me. He said that larger women were more willingly to have sex then regular sized women because the were more accepting and sexually turned on by the offer. So fat women aren’t picky? He says its not about being picky or being easy its about the actual concept of sex. If he goes into a bar and hits on a normal sized girl it seems that she starts taking into account his weight, her weight, the future, what other people will say, her need to have more then just sex and even a relationship. Things that will definitely stall a normal girls answer to just fuck. But when he goes to the bar and spots a round woman with a cute face and flirts with the intention of just having sex, then sex is exactly what she’s comprehending too . She’s not worried about what everyone else there could be or isn’t, all she’s thinking about is the offer of sex. Either she says no or yes but she won’t take her time to deicide, she tends to know right away.

Basically, from what he tells me, larger women are more content with themselves in accepting that a man will just want to have sex instead of anything else that could or could not follow. Fat chicks live in the moment. But why? He tells me he doesn’t know but he really doesn’t care. He says maybe fat chicks just lack self control when a man approaches them or may be a fat chick is just easier to get along with because they don’t have their heads up their asses with shallow shit. His words not mine.

Well obviously Ive been knocking on the wrong door when it comes to hooking up and just having a good time so I think i will take his ill proved advice and venture off in the BBW world. Hey sex is sex to me, no matter what size the woman is, a valuable lesson taught by my best mate.


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Are Fat Women Sluts?

December 15, 2010 at 9:46 pm (BBW, Casual Sex, Sex Study) (, , )

This year a study was done on obese women and sex that shocked a lot of people on the concept that only skinny women are hot and therefore have more sex, but the study proved otherwise. The University of Hawaii found that obese and overweight women had more frequent sex then ‘normal’ women.

The study had surveyed about 7000 women aged 16-44 about their sexual habits and women who had a higher BMI (body mass index) reportedly had more sex then women that fell in a normal BMI index. The people conducting the survey found the results to be surprising and unexpected. Tell that to a million dollar porn industry solely based on BBW‘s.

A current study that followed tried to explain the reason why larger women where having more sex then normal sized women by asking the larger women if they would rather have a large sum of money now or wait every  3 weeks to have the money split up. The larger women were three times more likely to want to the money right away concluding the fact that larger women act more on impulse then regular sized women. Somehow this conclusion was correlated with sex to say that larger or more obese women were more likely to say yes to sex right away thus proving the fact that fat women have more sex then any other size group. Bringing the two studies together show that larger women just lack control when it comes to a mans advances.

So does that mean fat women are sluts? No, because the study went on further so show that BMI was not associated with sexual orientation, age of first having intercourse or current male partners. But instead just pointed out that overweight women just have more sex then regular women with no huge variance in sexual behavior.

Thus the conclusion is that fat women have more sex because they just like too and its easier to say yes then no. Fat or not I m sure many women wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have good sex unless of course they were given a lump sum of money right away.


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Why Yes, You Should Be Single!

December 7, 2010 at 8:45 pm (Adult Dating, Casual Sex) (, , )

Do you wish you were single? Here’s why you should be:

1. Monogamy is Boring

Casual sex with the same person over and over and over again is boring. There’s only so much experimenting a couple can do after a while. Once you’ve dressed as the big bad wolf and she as little red riding hood, and then you as little red riding hood and she as the big bad wolf, it might be time to part beds. Seriously, how far do we have to go to force ourselves to like sex with one another after a while? Should it be that much work? Especially since your cock swells three sizes when you see your next-door-neighbor doing yoga on the front porch every morning, and all she’s doing is standing mountain pose…in her sweatpants.

2. Non-Monogamy is Fun as Hell

Welcome to the world of adult dating, aka fucking whomever you please, whenever you please. Yoga girl adores doggy style. The postwoman likes it quick and dirty on the living room floor. Your best friend’s wife loves secret make out sessions with you after her husband has too much wine spritzer at the BBQ. The world is full of possibilities, my friend, and if you’re locked down, you’re missing out. To women, newly single men are like catnip – totally irresistible and conducive to rolling all over the floor with.

3. A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

There are so many ridiculously stunning and wondrously different types of women out there! There are big beautiful women, little women, tall women, women with massive breasts, women with perky, unpretentious breasts, women with round juicy asses and women with asses like a new peach. And, as I mentioned in number two, they all fuck differently; some are porn all-stars, others want it shy, sweet and deep. Need I say more? The single life, my man, is much better.


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You Should Masturbate

December 3, 2010 at 9:33 pm (BBW) (, )

You don’t really need another reason to masturbate, do you? I know I don’t. Maybe you were raised Roman Catholic and have some lingering issues with it, but here’s why you should never feel guilty about rubbing one out.

It’s Better than Counting Sheep

If you’re ever having trouble falling asleep, try jacking off. The intense physical movement followed by intense release creates a state of deep relaxation. The fantasy involved is also sure to take your mind off the ten finance reports/articles/drawings of monkeys you need to get done at work tomorrow and let you wonder peacefully off to zzz land.

Gentleman Always Masturbate

A key to ensuring you are a gentleman with the new big beautiful woman you are dating online is to adjust the antenna before going out with her, after going out with her, in the bathroom while out with her (just kidding?) – whatever it takes to make it appear as if you aren’t the horny bastard you actually are. Women can smell the horniness on a bastard. The less horny you seem, the more horny she’ll get. Applying the handbrake will keep you sane.


Hmmm. You don’t like to typecast people, particularly women, but the girl you’re on a ‘date’ with (you met her in the man’s bathroom two minutes ago), seems to know every man in the bar intimately, and is pressuring you to return to the stalls for a quickie, even though neither of you have protection. It’s really hard to say no to her fishnets, however, going home, or to the stall, to flog the dong, could help you dodge a big bullet here. Sex with yourself is the safest sex you can have.

Fun with One Another

There’s something both strangely exciting and incredibly intimate about bringing yourself to orgasm with a sexy partner. You get a glimpse into how your beautiful woman makes herself cum when she’s alone, and she gets to see the same; it can actually create a sense of closeness that fucking can’t. And trust me, it’s just hot.


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