Online Dating Advice For Men And Women

March 19, 2011 at 10:25 pm (Online personals)

Here are some important dating tips for both men and women. I have personally been in the online personals scene for a while know so I know how a person should go about online dating whether it be gay dating, BBW dating, or straight, everyday dating.

One thing to remember is that online dating is no loner taboo. It is safe to say that a lot of people, if not most single people, have a profile somewhere on the internet. However, you shouldn’t just take it as a joke and you should be serious about it. Remember, the point of online dating is to get the person from behind the computer out into public.

Okay, so let’s say you trade e-mails with someone and everything is starting to look great. You will eventually need to stop the email chain and transition that person to something real. Ask them to chat with you on instant messenger or even the phone is you’re feeling very brave.

When it comes to pictures, taking a crappy one with your Blackberry half clothes is very unacceptable and sketchy. Also, please be sure that you have recent pictures that are accurate of your body type, age, fashion and hairstyle. You should post several pics of yourself within the past year. This one time I went out with a woman who looked absolutely nothing like what her pictures looked like.

Another thing to remember is to not include pictures of you and your ex or a picture with you and a person who is cut out of the picture even.

When it comes to Facebook and online dating, some people do not like to befriend someone they are talking to on an online dating site, BUT, I think it is a really good idea because you cannot lie on Facebook. So, if you decide to add someone on Facebook and they deny your request, it makes it seem if they’re lying about something or maybe they’re not really single.

One last thing to remember is that when it comes to your profile, it’s not a resume. Nobody cares about where you went to college or where you work. People want to know about your passions, your interests and your personality.


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An Analysis Of How BBW Women Can Find Good Men

March 14, 2011 at 10:19 pm (BBW, BBW sex) (, )

There has been a recent surge in the online dating industry due to a high demand of dating service providers. Every second person is keen to have a dating partner either for companionship of solely for sex. A lot of online dating agencies fail to meet desirable results when it comes to dating big women. Big women in general feel frustrated with themselves at not being able to find the right kind of exposure while seeking their male counterparts. But, free BBW dating sites are doing a great job at promoting fat girls and serving as a platform to bring singles as well as married people from fat communities together for interaction and dating.

Unlike slim women, larger girls face more dating difficulties. It is meaningless on their part to blame either their over weight size or hold the world of superficial men accountable for all their dating miseries. Since being overweight is a real problem in our society, it needs real solution. Though losing weight seems to be a good option for big women, many of them would not prefer to go for it. BBW dating sites are now focusing on to satisfy their dating needs better and providing fat women with dating services that are easy to use, e-mailing and chatting.

Beautiful women are always physically attractive to a man and arouse his romantic interest for them. It is a general perception that men in general and very few men are there who show interest in dating big beautiful women or having BBW sex who have beauty and a good personality also.

Therefore, big women need to use fat woman dating service so that they can communicate with members from their own community and have a good chance of meeting men of their choice. BBW sites are making efforts in this direction to help them bridge the communication gap and find their suitable match without taking much time.


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Online Dating Advice For Men

March 9, 2011 at 10:16 pm (BBW, Casual Sex) (, )

Are you looking for online dating advice for men? Whether you are looking for a serious relationship, a casual sex dating relationship, BBW dating, or just plain old regular dating, you are probably going to want to ensure that you’re doing things correctly. Many men have been burned previously when trying to communicate with a stranger. Here is some advice for going about this successfully:

Why dating sites? Dating sites will typically earn you more leads for single women than anything else. With dating sites, you know immediately see what a girl is looking for within her profile. Whatever you’re looking for, it will be easier for you to contact women who are interested in the same type of relationship.

Signing up: Be sure that when you sign up with a personals site, you fill out the profile completely. Be honest about the information you’re giving Avoid giving away everything however, because you will want to have something to chat about when in the even that a woman contacts you. Many men feel the need to hide behind an inaccurate photo or profile, but lying will not benefit you.

Log in frequently: Log onto your profile at least once a day. Women may be more interested in contacting you if they see you frequent the site. Contacting people who have not logged into the site in months will probably not be a good idea if you are hoping they will respond to your message.

Emailing messages: Once you have made a connection with someone online, get to know each other via email. Show your interest consistently by following up with messages within 24 hours of a woman sending you one. You don’t want to seem like a stalker by sending a message the moment after she does, but sending them regularly will allow her to see that you are attracted and want this relationship to develop.


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Kim Kardashian on “Porn” Photo Shoot

March 4, 2011 at 10:15 pm (Men seeking bbw) (, )

Most men seeking bbw have an instant attraction to Kim Kardashian because although she is not in the category of big women, she does have a big and voluptuous ass, which you can see beautifully in the Art Issue of W Magazine.

However, there was a little drama with the shoot. She previously has described the images as “porn” the sex aspect of it and claimed the magazine went back on their work, but now she says she loves the naked images.

She appeared on the cover and appears fully naked, thank god, however there are strategically places text preserving most of her modesty.

Inside the magazine all of the text is thrown to the side and she is shown in her glory, and all of her glory I must say. A series of photos by renowned photographer Mark Seliger shows the star tits out in a full frontal shot along with a shot from behind that shows all of her amazing ASS-ets.

Here initial reaction was horror, much to our dismay, because she says the photos weren’t what she agreed upon with the magazine.

“Artwork was going to covered on top of me, they weren’t going to show my are crack or my nipple,” she said.

Even though she has previously appeared in Playboy, she said she was never getting naked for a magazine again and and vowed to fire everybody on her time involved in the deal with W.

However, she has recently had a change of heart. She says she now regards the photos as being beautiful.

“Obviously I’m comfortable posing nude, I’ve done that before and I did that then for the magazine, but that’s probably not the direction I would have wanted to go if I thought that was going to be the case,” she said.

Revealing mixed feelings about her body image, she said in one interview that she is proud of her curves and in another she says she is somewhat insecure and not feeling as sexy as she is made out to be.

Kim, you’re as sexy as they come and we are so thankful that you did this shoot so do not regret it!


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