BBW Is Like Mac & Cheese

May 31, 2011 at 6:53 pm (Men seeking bbw) (, )

When a BBW admirer sees a beautiful full-figured woman, it’s like coming home for him. Men seeking BBW are seeking the equivalent of comfort food in a lot of ways, and the BBWs can give that to any man. Curvy women are not only sexy and exciting, they’re comforting. Snuggling with a BBW is cozy. Having sex with a woman that has some meat on her bones is refreshing for a lot of guys that allowed themselves to be swayed by society and their friends and hook up with a serious of women that were not the type he wanted deep down inside of himself. Once that guy frees himself and is able to embrace the type of women that really floats his boat, it has a huge impact on his personality and his life.

Maybe a previous lack of interest in sex is now being replaced by the libido of a 20-year-old, even though the man in question is 40 or 50 years old. When a person is finally able to experience their sex life and sexuality in the way that they have hidden for a long time, it’s a truly liberating experience for them and often provides a very moving emotional experience as the person experiences true freedom for the first time in a long term or maybe even the first time ever. Men looking for amazing BBW divas to date and make love to should look no further than their computer. There are hundreds of BBW dating websites out there, filled with beautiful, confident zaftig ladies who are looking for love and sex and romance from a man who truly admires them and appreciates the special gifts that they bring into any relationship. Any person is appreciative of someone seeing how special they are, but with so many people feeling it’s okay to criticize people who are overweight, BBW and BHMs are probably more appreciative than ever when people simply see their beauty.


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Belly Dancing Requires A Belly

May 27, 2011 at 1:23 pm (Men seeking bbw) (, )

If a woman wants to boost her body image through the roof while also having fun, hanging out with other great women and getting really good exercise, belly dancing is definitely the away to go. Belly dancing is probably one of the sexiest types of dancing that a woman can do, and it can be done by any shape, size or fitness level. Men seeking BBW should check out the adult dance recitals at the local dance schools.

The colorful costumes are very flattering and sexy, even though they modestly cover a woman’s sexy bits. It’s not as blatantly in-your-face sexy as exotic dancing. It’s much more subtle and teasing in nature, which some people find even sexier than the total nudity and pole dancing acrobatics that has become so commonplace with exotic dancing. Belly dancing has an earthy and historic feel to it that makes it seem very mystical in some way, which is very arousing and sexy. It’s a great exercise, because it is totally non-impact, and because it isolates muscle groups, it really strengthens the core and tones the abdominal and lower back muscles. It strengthens the hips, thighs and long back muscles and helps to improve flexibility in the torso. If dancing with a veil, it can also help to strengthen and tone the shoulders, upper arms and upper body because of the arm positions and the extended periods of time spend with arms raised to shoulder height and above. Mentally and emotionally, belly dancing can have a very positive effect on women’s body image and their feelings about their personal sexuality and sexiness. After learning some belly dancing moves, women can appreciate their bodies in a whole new way that can make them feel like sexual goddesses. This is definitely one of those times when it’s handy to have a belly and some good girly jiggly parts to help show off the new moves. All women should take a belly dancing class at least once in their lives – it’s empowering.


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A Friend Indeed

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If you are one of the many men seeking sex you can still be a very decent and honorable person even though you’re horny. In fact being decent and honorable and avoiding being a sleaze will get you into a woman’s panties faster than being a jerk. You want to remember that when you are looking for free sex partners you are still encountering real people with feelings. You never want to get someone’s feelings hurt because you took advantage of them.

It may seem like more fun to be a sort of bad boy but the truth is you can accomplish this without being a mean spirited and callous person. There may be times when you scored and thought wow this is going to be a really great fuck only to have the sex land flat. It may just be that the two of you weren’t compatible. You don’t have to hurt the girl’s feelings by announcing it to the world. If you spare them and show yourself to be a decent person this could turn from a lousy fuck into a valuable friend. They may be very eager to help you out and get you hooked up with someone who is looking for the same thing you are. This could be an invaluable tool and one that other guys who are sleaze bags don’t have.

You could find yourself heads above the rest and with no rivals in sight at all. If your new friend introduces you or spreads the word that you can be trusted and relied upon you might even find yourself with some really great opportunities. There is always the chance of even scoring a girl, girl, guy threesome because of it. But remember that women talk about everything and everyone. So if you were callous, if you were rude, if you didn’t get her to orgasm that information would spread and you could end up getting frozen out for being a jerk. On the other hand being a gentleman could score big time for you.


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Weight is just a measure for the scale

May 17, 2011 at 5:50 pm (BBW, BBW sex) (, )

A woman’s weight should not be a unit of measure in which she judges her self worth. There are plenty of men seeking sex that search for a BBW because they find them sexy and fun to be with. Your weight is just a number, nothing more. How a woman treats others is the true measure of who she is as a person.

If a overweight woman finds herself alone after the break up of a long term sexual relationship she should do a little self image repair. It could start with making a list of ones assets, talents, and her accomplishments. She should add to the list by including people that she admires and who love her. These are all gifts to be grateful for. And any woman finding her ego shattered and her self confidence waning should try focusing on the positive aspects of her life and stop making the negative things a primary focus. Remember that self confidence is sexy and it attracts men.

Read the list daily and try to add to it. If others want to judge you by your weight ignore them and their negative comments. Join a size positive workshop. Focus on you and make you a better person. Remember that what research studies say about obesity totals to one mess of confusion. It can be heredity, sedentary lifestyles, a virus, the food we eat or stress or any combination of these. How can we fix it if science doesn’t fully understand the causes. Yo-yo dieting only messes with a woman’s hormones and makes her less likely to lose any weight.

The truest way to fight the battle is to be the best one can be, the happiest and most fulfilled regardless of the weight. And fat or thin you are worthy of being loved, your life has value and as long as you feel confident and happy there will be someone in your life that knows this and appreciates you.


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If you are among the men seeking sex always remember that you are dealing with real people with real feelings. Remember that you can make massive head way when you empower other people around you. You want others to feel better about themselves and more capable. The key here is to make someone feel positive about what they have to offer, build up their self esteem. You want to ideally be in the business of making friends.

You want to avoid making enemies because the world will supply you with enough on it’s own. If you make it your point to make friends and allies everywhere you go then you can easily insulate yourself from a lot of negative things. If you are looking for constant dates you can find that this job is a whole lot easier when everyone considers you a great person. When they know that you always go out of your way to help others and give people a hand up you can make a lot of good things happen for yourself. One of the key aspects to this is patronage.

You want to do favors for other people so that they will in turn owe you favors. You can then trade those favors up to do greater favors for more people which in turn leads to bigger and better favors owed you. If you collect these and use them wisely you can wrack up an impressive amount of personal influence with people. This influence can be more lucrative than money or power or anything else. It can lead you to all of those things.

With all of these things at your beck and call you can find the kind of sex or relationship you desire with little trouble at all. This will easily separate you from the people who go about things badly and carelessly. You want people to think fondly of you in every area. This is where real gain comes from.


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Luscious BBW Bodies All The Rage

May 9, 2011 at 5:44 pm (BBW, Uncategorized) (, )

Some guys just go crazy over full-figured, curvy women. They don’t want a lot of muscles, they want softness and curves and bodies that they can bury themselves in. They want the bodies of old-fashioned pinup models and Marilyn Monroe, with bellies that curve out a little instead of flat, rock hard abs. Dating websites and sex hookup sites are happy to accommodate the men seeking BBW as more and more sites spring up due to the popularity of BBW dating. Many people in the US can’t understand why it has taken so long for full-figured women to become the height of fashion.

Some other cultures see curvy women as the ideal of femininity and fertility. It’s not really surprising, because a true hourglass figure is really sexy in a lot of ways. Nice big tits, wide hips and soft, luscious thighs are great for sex. More and more guys are admitting that they like a bigger booty, and what’s not to like? When a guy is taking a girl doggy style, he wants to ride some curves and have something luscious to look at. A fat booty is great for spanking and because of the extra padding the plumper ass can usually take a lot more smacking. Bigger tits are great for tit fucking, because they can wrap around a cock much easier.Wider hips give a guy something to hang onto while he’s fucking a girl hard from behind. Fuller thighs and a rounded stomach make great pillows when stretching out to watch television or fall asleep after sex.

The saying more cushion for the pushing really does make a lot of sense – in a lot of ways it really is more comfortable to fuck a full-figured woman. Obviously a lot of guys are realizing that now as BBW sex search gets more popular. It’s a little unfortunate for long-time BBW lovers because it’s giving them a lot more competition for the attention of the beautiful ladies.


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Searching the middle ages for fat women

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In the middle ages a well endowed over weight European woman was considered to be very healthy and very sexy. It was also believed that she had plenty of food to eat therefore her father or her husband was very rich. Double chins and love handles were signs of beauty and big rolls of belly fat were considered signs of fertility.

A woman with extra fat on her stomach, hip and thighs was thought to be able to keep a baby to term and have that baby delivered safe and fat itself. This is contrary to what doctors tell women. It has been a trend since the 1950’s for doctors to reinforces the belief that a skinny woman has an easier time of delivering a baby and that a woman should not gain any more than 20-30 pounds. This belief stems from the current desire of men to be with sexy model thin women.

So the sooner a woman gets her fighting weight back the sooner her husband will want to fuck her. Many men just wont go out with much less have sex with a fat woman. As narrow a view as that is there are those men that go out of their way to be chubby chasers. It’s true that today with so many cooking shows and the new trend of people declaring themselves foodies it is hard to be model thin.

A woman that wears a size 14 is still sexy, if not sexier than a size 0 to a lot men. A size 14 may not be fat but she is still classified as a big beautiful woman. In most cases she is fit and healthy. In fact that is probably why the current trend of men seeking BBW is focused towards BBW searches. Men looking to hook up with a hot BBW can look to the Internet online dating sites or he can simply visit his local fresh market. Women that like to cook and like to eat good cooking are usually seen there and it is a safe relaxed place to start a conversation.




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