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In the middle ages a well endowed over weight European woman was considered to be very healthy and very sexy. It was also believed that she had plenty of food to eat therefore her father or her husband was very rich. Double chins and love handles were signs of beauty and big rolls of belly fat were considered signs of fertility.

A woman with extra fat on her stomach, hip and thighs was thought to be able to keep a baby to term and have that baby delivered safe and fat itself. This is contrary to what doctors tell women. It has been a trend since the 1950’s for doctors to reinforces the belief that a skinny woman has an easier time of delivering a baby and that a woman should not gain any more than 20-30 pounds. This belief stems from the current desire of men to be with sexy model thin women.

So the sooner a woman gets her fighting weight back the sooner her husband will want to fuck her. Many men just wont go out with much less have sex with a fat woman. As narrow a view as that is there are those men that go out of their way to be chubby chasers. It’s true that today with so many cooking shows and the new trend of people declaring themselves foodies it is hard to be model thin.

A woman that wears a size 14 is still sexy, if not sexier than a size 0 to a lot men. A size 14 may not be fat but she is still classified as a big beautiful woman. In most cases she is fit and healthy. In fact that is probably why the current trend of men seeking BBW is focused towards BBW searches. Men looking to hook up with a hot BBW can look to the Internet online dating sites or he can simply visit his local fresh market. Women that like to cook and like to eat good cooking are usually seen there and it is a safe relaxed place to start a conversation.




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