Weight is just a measure for the scale

May 17, 2011 at 5:50 pm (BBW, BBW sex) (, )

A woman’s weight should not be a unit of measure in which she judges her self worth. There are plenty of men seeking sex that search for a BBW because they find them sexy and fun to be with. Your weight is just a number, nothing more. How a woman treats others is the true measure of who she is as a person.

If a overweight woman finds herself alone after the break up of a long term sexual relationship she should do a little self image repair. It could start with making a list of ones assets, talents, and her accomplishments. She should add to the list by including people that she admires and who love her. These are all gifts to be grateful for. And any woman finding her ego shattered and her self confidence waning should try focusing on the positive aspects of her life and stop making the negative things a primary focus. Remember that self confidence is sexy and it attracts men.

Read the list daily and try to add to it. If others want to judge you by your weight ignore them and their negative comments. Join a size positive workshop. Focus on you and make you a better person. Remember that what research studies say about obesity totals to one mess of confusion. It can be heredity, sedentary lifestyles, a virus, the food we eat or stress or any combination of these. How can we fix it if science doesn’t fully understand the causes. Yo-yo dieting only messes with a woman’s hormones and makes her less likely to lose any weight.

The truest way to fight the battle is to be the best one can be, the happiest and most fulfilled regardless of the weight. And fat or thin you are worthy of being loved, your life has value and as long as you feel confident and happy there will be someone in your life that knows this and appreciates you.


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  1. Rose said,

    A beautiful woman who is proud of how God made her. There’s nothing sexier than Big Beautiful Women! Whether you are a single man who admires BBW or a single voluptuous woman

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