Positions for Larger Girls

June 8, 2011 at 9:12 pm (BBW, BBW sex) ()

There’s nothing keeping larger women from enjoying the full range of sexual pleasures. Those of us who have been lovers, in relationships, or just sex friends with curvy girls know that there can genuinely be more to love, and all that delightful soft flesh can feel wonderful during the act of sexual intercourse. But some positions are more comfortable than others. More than anything it may be down to the comfort of the people involved. There are in fact some high end pillows and furniture on the market now designed just for sexual relations and many of these come in larger sized varieties to accommodate the BBW market.

Whether one has been dating for years or whether one just met on an adult friend finder, there are some options for comfortable sex. For many couples, if the woman lays on her back and spreads her legs while the man kneels between them, this is an excellent option for bbw sex. Some larger women may be self conscious about the possibilities of woman on top sex, but depending on sex and comfort some men may very much enjoy the feel of a woman’s weight on top of them at least for some variety of sensation.

Doggy style sexual positions may take some extra work but if everyone is patient in trying different positions there may be options which work better, for example some men will want to crouch or even stand off the side of the bed while the woman crouches on all fours or alternately she may wish to adopt the classic head down ass up position for more comfortable rear-entry fucking.

Of course larger girls also enjoy the full range of oral sex delights as well as anal sex too. Many of the positions which are comfortable for intercourse will also provide options for cunnilingus or blow jobs for the male. Experiment and find your bliss!


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