Vintage Style For Curvy Girls

July 25, 2011 at 7:15 pm (BBW) (, )

Vintage styles are absolutely wonderful choices in lingerie and clothing for most curvy, plus-sized girls. Vintage styles from the 1950’s were made for curvy women, and the clothing is cut to accentuate a lady’s fabulous curves. Men seeking BBW will be stopped dead in their tracks to see a gorgeous, curvy goddess in a figure-hugging style with all the right accessories. Vintage clothing is very sexy. There are some really beautiful styles and fashions from years ago, especially evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

The 30’s boasted some beautiful styles, the most notable of which is probably the stunningly beautiful, figure-flattering, satin bias-cut evening gown. This style showed off a woman’s body to perfection. No matter how much of a woman’s body they covered, they draped so beautifully over a woman’s curves that it was often even better than seeing a woman completely naked. There are a lot of styles worn in years past that were very attractive. Some of the styles are considered so attractive and appealing, that stores today are reproducing vintage style garments and the clothes are always in very high demand. Vintage lingerie has a lot of fans. Vintage slips, like the one worn by Elizabeth Taylor in “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” is considered very sexy by a very large number of people. Thrift shops and vintage clothing stores can’t keep a slip like that for long, because they are such popular items.

Vintage style girdles and garter belts with six, eight or even more garter straps are resurging in popularity because they’re so damn hot. There is a good-sized fetish crowd who are into these vintage undergarments, and some people will even make them so that they’re more accurate to the original style. There are several websites that sell vintage-style clothing and lingerie in a wide variety of sizes, so there’s something for everyone. So BBWs out there, put on a slinky vintage-style and let all those men who are looking for dating and sex get a good look. Knock their socks off.


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Confidence Is Sexy

July 21, 2011 at 7:06 pm (BBW, Curvy Women) (, )

Plus-sized and curvy ladies are really lucky these days. In times past, the clothing choices in the plus-sized stores weren’t really very inspiring, and the lingerie choices were downright abysmal. It seemed that clothing designers and manufacturers didn’t realize that BBWs may want pretty underwear and lingerie.

Every woman needs to be able to purchase underwear in styles that make her feel fantastic, and that is going to be different for every woman. No matter what the style, if a woman feels fantastic in her underwear, she’ll walk with a spring in her step all day long just knowing that she has them on under her clothing. For women who like feminine, frilly, pretty underwear, plus-sized manufacturers have finally caught on and are making really beautiful styles and very sexy lingerie. There are entire stores and websites devoted to nothing but plus-sized lingerie in every conceivable style and fabric and every level of concealment or lack thereof. There is something about wearing really pretty undergarments that turns some women on immensely.

Men seeking BBW are looking for women that feel sexy and know that they’re gorgeous and hot. They want women who celebrate their curves and aren’t afraid to wear sexy lingerie. They want women who are comfortable in their own skin, know their own worth and feel really uninhibited when it comes to sex and sexuality. They want a woman who is going to enjoy getting naked and letting loose. That kind of confidence can really turn a guy on and make any sexual encounter even more exciting. Even if it’s just a sex hookup, a confident, sexual woman can make all the difference in the world. Men are scouring the online personals looking for sexy, confident BBWs for dating, sex and relationships, but they do want a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Even if she’s trying to improve her health and physical fitness, they want a woman who likes herself and is happy even while she’s working on herself and making improvements.


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July 8, 2011 at 3:33 pm (BBW) (, )

Certain types of exercise have the effect of making women very aware of their bodies in a highly sexual way. The music, the movements and the way the movements are executed have a way of making women feel very in touch with their bodies. Any exercise class that improves physical fitness while making a woman feel really sexy and confident is definitely worth looking into, because it kills two birds with one stone. The best classes for this are pole dancing, stripping and belly dancing classes. While all three are great exercise and burn a lot of calories, they also make women feel really in tune with their bodies and their sexuality. The moves are sexy and learning them can make any woman feel graceful and empowered.

Many women seem surprised that they can even do it, so it’s a huge ego boost when they successfully learn some of the moves. Knowing that they’ll be able to go home and give their man a lap dance is a huge turn on. Belly dancing makes women feel powerful and sexy. It’s the perfect exercise for curvy women, and men seeking BBW should definitely encourage more sexy belly dancing. Throughout history, belly dancing has been considered an extremely sensual dance. Since so many of the moves are centered around the hips, it makes her focus on that area of her body which will make her feel very womanly, and that in turn will make her feel sensual, sensuous and really beautiful. She’ll come out of class feeling like she did something good for herself, but also feeling very alive and very much like a goddess. When a woman feels like that, it can only bring good things for the man in her life. Instead of jumping on that treadmill and ending up feeling tired, more women should try taking classes that make them feel energized, sexy and empowered. It will make them want to keep exercising and it will improve their sex life because they’ll be in the mood to have sex more often.


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Men Love BBWs

July 4, 2011 at 3:33 pm (Adult Dating, BBW, BBW sex) (, )

There seems to be a big shift happening in the dating world with more and more men seeking BBW and women seeking BHM. It could simply be that the population is getting bigger and heavier. The percentages of the population that is overweight or obese in nearly every country is increasing every year so everyone is getting more accepting of a variety of sizes because it’s is rapidly becoming the norm and people are getting adjusted to it. In the past, men would hesitate to openly date large women, no matter how attracted they might have been to them. Societal pressures often kept them from dating the body type that he was truly attracted to. Many larger women can tell stories about men who wanted to sleep with them in secret but not date them in public.

A lot of bigger ladies have crazy stories about married men that practically stalked them and begged them for sex, complaining that their wives were skinny little things and that’s never what they were really attracted to. These days there are all kinds of online personals specifically for BBW dating. There are BBW sex hookup sites and BBW sex parties. The voluptuous ladies are being recognized as the sex goddesses that they are, and men are no longer hiding their interest and attraction. It’s sad that people have to hide their true desires, but it’s even sadder that our society makes it necessary to put down one body type in order to uplift another. The joke used to be about the fat chicks but now all the jokes seem to be switching to the skinny chicks. Jokes about people’s bodies, regardless of body type or size, should ever be okay. We should all strive to be as healthy as we can be and understand that there are a lot of different body types and sizes in the world and that everyone who is trying to be their best is just great for being who they are.


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