Expand Your Horizons

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When most of us think about Sex, we tend to think about the slick and glossy porn movies that are all over the world wide web, with their stars with their perfect bodies and barbie doll looks. Well, there are a lot of different people out there in the world, and many of us have different likes and dislikes as far as sexual partners go.

For some men, the bbw, or big beautiful woman, is the ultimate in sexy and alluring. There are a few cultures on this planet that value larger women as much more attractive, and thin women as much less attractive. As much as the media in our country would have you believe otherwise, there are plenty of men who just absolutely love the thought of having sex or a relationship with a very large woman. And thanks to the ever cooperative Internet, finding these women is quick and easy online. You might say you can’t miss them.

We are all different and that’s what makes it fun after all. Some of us love tattoos, some of us hate them. Some people love the goth thing, other people find it completely uninteresting. Many women love the outdoorsy kind of man, while many others opt more for the sensitive type of guy, even though may woodsy looking guys are hiding someone pretty darn sensitive under there sometimes. Many men like the barbie doll looking blonde, while other prefers the more conservative looking type of woman.

The good news is that there is someone for everyone, or a lid for every pot, as many older people would say. And whether we are are a pot looking for a lid, or a lid looking for a pot, we can find each other on the Internet just about as quickly as it takes to click a search button.

So large, small, tall, whatever you want just go ahead and find it online.


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The Riddles

August 22, 2011 at 4:12 pm (Casual Sex, Curvy Women, Men seeking bbw, Men seeking sex) (, )

When did all these crazy acronyms like Bbw become so popular? It seems as though you can’t contact anyone or do anything with having to puzzle out the meaning of a bunch of acronyms designed to be cute and short, but that sometimes end up making things more drawn out and somewhat annoying as we try to navigate our way through the complicated and technologically advanced world of 2011.

When one first hears the term Bbw, we wonder what it means. Is it busty blonde woman? Is it beautiful black woman? Is it blind Belgian woman? Is it big boring woman? Is it bitchy bold woman? And the list goes on and on like the riddle of the sphinx with seemingly no answer. Well after a little Internet research, and maybe a consultation with someone born after 1980, we learn that bbw in fact stands for big beautiful women, and it is a category on the sex and dating sites that abound on the world wide web.

There are many men who love having sex with large women and the bbw sites that are available on line help them to find people to date, romance and have sex with. The beauty of the Internet is that there is something for everyone out there, so if it is not the
bbw that is your thing, then you can find a milf, which is Mom I’d Like to Fuck, or an OTK site, which is Over the Knee, referring obviously to spanking, or even a BDSM, bondage, discipline, sadism masochism site.

So when we take a break from texting LOL and OMG to our BFF, we can use one of the many Apps to check out the bbws, the milfs, the OTK sites and the BDSM ones as well. The Internet can always supply us with x rated fun for absolutely any acronym we can come up with in our perverse little minds.


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A Bedroom for fucking

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In addition to the way we use it to sleep for hours a day, the bedroom is the home to some of the most fun parts of our lives. That is, of course, if we can find and keep a lover for sex. And one crucial aspect to is making the bedroom itself a sensual and elegant stage on which to perform these wonderful and sensual acts. It is important to create an environment where another person feels welcome and there is plenty of room, both physically and emotionally, to share this wonderful and special intimacy.

So when it’s time to bring that hottie from the adult friend finder website home, what are the steps to take to ensure it goes smoothly when one gets to the boudoir? The biggest thing is that the bedroom needs to be free of clutter and distractions. If possible keep one’s workspace away from the bed. Clean up stinky laundry and other trash, and make sure the waste bin is empty and not full of food wrappers, or worst of all, lots of used condoms from previous hookups. Select attractive and sensual decorations for the room. Don’t allow pictures of grandma or the kids to be staring down at one when one is trying to get naked and get busy, what could be more of a buzz kill than that. Also be aware of things which are too girly, like filling up the bed with stuffed animals or furnishing the whole bedroom in pink. Likewise the room should not be extremely utilitarian or boring, with bare walls or lights which are too bright or glaring.

Whether one is dating a bbw or a skinny person, it’s important to make them feel like they have space. A bed which is big enough for two is absolutely crucial, and put clean sheets on and even consider getting paired objects like two night stands.


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How Serious Is It?

August 8, 2011 at 9:15 pm (BBW, BBW sex, Casual Sex) (, )

Sometimes we need to stop and take stock of our relationships and what they mean to us. They may have begun as just a series of free sex dates after the two of you met on an adult friend finder website, but now how long has it been? Weeks? Or months? And now it is time to wonder where this relationship may be going, because whether it started as fuck buddies or not it has probably turned into a relationship of some kind, albeit perhaps a casual one, with some of the baggage that entails.

There is always the possibility that one can remain merely as casual fuckbuddies for the forseeable future. Just because you’ve been having sex with that hot new bbw for a while, there’s nothing to say that you can’t keep doing just that. Though emotional attachment, that is affection and even love can form between two casual lovers, it does not mean that more strings need to be attached, or that a ring needs to be put on it. Keep in mind that either or both of the people involved may drift their separate ways someday, but it can be wonderful to embrace a casual, transitory relationship for what it is and not worry about what the future will bring.

There doesn’t need to be much of a conversation if the above is true. But if one is desiring more or thinking the relationship has become more there may be ways to bring this up. Simply talking about it is one possibility, but one can also just begin to up the ante by inviting one’s partner on more romantic and real dates. Start taking her to dinner, bringing him to meet one’s best friends, or going on group outings with other social connections can start to solidify the connection which the two share. Maybe someday, one will even bring them to meet the folks!


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