How Serious Is It?

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Sometimes we need to stop and take stock of our relationships and what they mean to us. They may have begun as just a series of free sex dates after the two of you met on an adult friend finder website, but now how long has it been? Weeks? Or months? And now it is time to wonder where this relationship may be going, because whether it started as fuck buddies or not it has probably turned into a relationship of some kind, albeit perhaps a casual one, with some of the baggage that entails.

There is always the possibility that one can remain merely as casual fuckbuddies for the forseeable future. Just because you’ve been having sex with that hot new bbw for a while, there’s nothing to say that you can’t keep doing just that. Though emotional attachment, that is affection and even love can form between two casual lovers, it does not mean that more strings need to be attached, or that a ring needs to be put on it. Keep in mind that either or both of the people involved may drift their separate ways someday, but it can be wonderful to embrace a casual, transitory relationship for what it is and not worry about what the future will bring.

There doesn’t need to be much of a conversation if the above is true. But if one is desiring more or thinking the relationship has become more there may be ways to bring this up. Simply talking about it is one possibility, but one can also just begin to up the ante by inviting one’s partner on more romantic and real dates. Start taking her to dinner, bringing him to meet one’s best friends, or going on group outings with other social connections can start to solidify the connection which the two share. Maybe someday, one will even bring them to meet the folks!


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