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August 22, 2011 at 4:12 pm (Casual Sex, Curvy Women, Men seeking bbw, Men seeking sex) (, )

When did all these crazy acronyms like Bbw become so popular? It seems as though you can’t contact anyone or do anything with having to puzzle out the meaning of a bunch of acronyms designed to be cute and short, but that sometimes end up making things more drawn out and somewhat annoying as we try to navigate our way through the complicated and technologically advanced world of 2011.

When one first hears the term Bbw, we wonder what it means. Is it busty blonde woman? Is it beautiful black woman? Is it blind Belgian woman? Is it big boring woman? Is it bitchy bold woman? And the list goes on and on like the riddle of the sphinx with seemingly no answer. Well after a little Internet research, and maybe a consultation with someone born after 1980, we learn that bbw in fact stands for big beautiful women, and it is a category on the sex and dating sites that abound on the world wide web.

There are many men who love having sex with large women and the bbw sites that are available on line help them to find people to date, romance and have sex with. The beauty of the Internet is that there is something for everyone out there, so if it is not the
bbw that is your thing, then you can find a milf, which is Mom I’d Like to Fuck, or an OTK site, which is Over the Knee, referring obviously to spanking, or even a BDSM, bondage, discipline, sadism masochism site.

So when we take a break from texting LOL and OMG to our BFF, we can use one of the many Apps to check out the bbws, the milfs, the OTK sites and the BDSM ones as well. The Internet can always supply us with x rated fun for absolutely any acronym we can come up with in our perverse little minds.


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  1. The Bbw march into the light | Men Seeking BBW said,

    [...] It went from the paradigm of feminine beauty being emaciated models with wan skin and indifferent dispositions to now where the Bbw rules. Certainly all women are accepted online on all types of sites specific for their body type and attitude but right now it seems the Bbw is queen. [...]

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