Bigger Is Better

September 12, 2011 at 9:43 pm (BBW, BBW sex, Bigger is Better) (, )

The Sex sites on the Internet have more options for us than we could possibly ever even begin to imagine. There is something for everyone out there in cyber space, and for many men, bigger is most definitely better when it comes to women, and there is certainly no shortage of bbw, or big beautiful women, sites out there on the world wide web.

Most of us have been raised with the notion that bigger is always better. People always seem to want the biggest house on the block, the biggest diamond engagement ring, the biggest and most important job that is available, and the biggest and most fabulous reputation. For some reason as Americans we have learned to equate things that are large with things that are valuable. Many of us will choose restaurants that serve large portions, even though there is more than we need or could possibly eat on our plates. Some of our wedding receptions are so large and lavish that it sometimes crosses the line into revolting and distasteful. But we want to make a big splash and be big shots whenever we have the opportunity.

For many men, the thought of an extremely large woman is very erotic and enticing. They feel that if they love women, a very large big beautiful woman just presents more to love, more flesh to enjoy, and larger and more exaggerated body parts just waiting to be enjoyed and gotten lost in. While some men love the super model thin type of woman, there are a good portion of men who will purposely seek out a very large size woman for their sexual encounters. Is this related to the concept of bigger is better? Who knows for sure?

As any man who loves big beautiful women will tell you, who cares what the reason is as long as it works and works well? For many men, it is go big or stay home.



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