Don’t Get Nervous

October 20, 2011 at 3:07 pm (Adult Dating, BBW, BBW sex, Online personals) (, )

The first date jitters come to all of us. There’s a certain directness in modern casual sex dating of the sort we find on the average adult friend finder personals site. We know that there are certain expectations present from the moment we look at the other person’s profile. We know a lot about what he or she desires, and then we seek out people with compatible lusts and wants of our own. There’s no need to pretend that we’re out for a long term relationship or marriage when we’re simply looking for some hot erotic connections.

But it is not clear if this creates more or less pressure on us when it comes to the first date. We know that there is a very good chance the clothing will come off this very night, and so even as we exchange our first pleasantries we’re wondering more than ever how that will go. Such free sex is liberating, but it leaves us vulnerable at the same time. Will the object of our affection be willing to overlook what we may perceive to be the flaws of our body? Will our parts be too large or too small, too hairy or too plain for their tastes?

The fact is that this nervousness and insecurity is more threatening to the results than anything the other person things. A lack of confidence has a notorious bad effect on the performance of certain parts of the male anatomy, namely his virility and erections in the bedroom. The fact is that if one wants another person already with their clothes on one will almost always still want them when the clothes come off, and more than anything confidence makes a difference. The most curvaceous bbw can become sexier than the smallest girl if she acts with confidence and eroticism in her interactions with others, while the other could be shy and retreating and therefore be lonely in the end despite meeting the so called ideal of our culture.


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