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October 5, 2011 at 7:40 pm (BBW sex, Casual Sex, Safe Sex) (, )

So there we were and we got lucky. Out of the blue, that delicious treat, free sex fell right into our laps. We may have been spending the night wining lovely people at the bar or we could have been lucky with the connection we made on an adult friend finder website. Either way, the stars have been right and we connected and had wonderful sex. And then we fell asleep at their place.

Is this going to be a one night stand or an ongoing relationship? It could be continuing friends with benefits or fuck buddies or it might be seeking something more serious with the passage of time into a true life time relationship. Whatever the case now is when things get evaluated. Do you want to keep the door open for more? On the other hand, maybe one prefers a BBW lover and in the light of day this one is simply too skinny. Many other issues could have come up — like it was clear she was not kinky enough for you or any number of other topics and incompatibilities. The night may have been fun but it may want to end there.

The important thing at this point is to be honest. That doesn’t mean one should pick fault with the sex one had the night before, detailing the ways the lover of the night fell short of one’s ideal. That’s just being an asshole. But one should not lie and pretend to want more if that is not the case. One can exchange phone numbers if it makes things less awkward, but don’t pretend that one will be calling right away or at all. And the breakfast date should be right out if one is not planning to prolong the situation in any way. Going out together for something intimate like a meal after a night of awkward fucking will just create illusions that it was something which it was not. Instead, say one’s goodbyes, try to find some closure and make a quick but graceful exit with all of one’s clothes and possessions.



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