The Bold, The Big & the Beautiful

October 24, 2011 at 3:07 pm (Adult Dating, Dating Online, Men seeking bbw, Online personals) (, )

The Internet of 2011 leaves no stone unturned when it comes to variety for sex and adult websites. Whatever you seek, you can easily find, and all the Bbw sites just prove the point.

Many men love to surf the bbw sites to see who is out there to possibly hookup with. If you just crawled out from under the nearest craggy rock, bbw stands for big beautiful women, and the world wide web certainly has no shortage of them. The men that love, admire and adore bbw can chat with them, date them, romance them, and even plan a hot hookup with them in the flesh, pun most definitely intended.

But what is it about bbw for these men? Do they have big beautiful mothers, or big beautiful sisters, aunts, nieces, and cousins? Or do some men just like the idea of getting lost in the many mounds of flesh that the really big bbws offer? We may never know the answer to this questions, but really when we think about it, who cares? We all like different things, different people, different sex positions and different scenarios for our xxx rated fun, and there very rarely ever seems to be a rhyme or reason for what attracts us or why. Oh, and just to add a little more fun to the mix, our tastes change all the time, sometimes slowly or sometimes rapidly, but rest assured as you sit here reading this, your tastes are changing again, and who the hell knows what you may be attracted to by the time you get back out there on the Internet.

So don’t waste time trying to figure out the mystery of attraction. Take the time you have and get out there and find someone you are attracted to and enjoy them and enjoy their company. Who cares why it works as long as it keeps on working for you.


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