Breast implants for BBW’s

November 20, 2011 at 10:29 pm (BBW, BBW sex, Curvy Women) (, )

Since the beginning of time women have wanted to move fat from their stomach, thighs or ass to their breasts. Today it is possible for plastic surgeons to be able to enlarge a woman’s breast using her own body fat. Some techniques include fat grafting as well as the reshaping of the breast to create a more natural feel and look to the boobs. The procedure of using transplanted fat has been around since 1995.

Fat grafting is an alternative to implants and might be something that big beautiful women could look into since many of them are dissatisfied with their overall appearance. By removing a bit of ft from lovely round asses and applying it to the tits BBW will find that men seeking sex are easier to find and fuck. As young women BBWs seem to developed faster than other girls in high school and this can result in jealousy and teasing. If these full figured girls also happen to have small tits the damage to their self esteem will be even harsher and harder to deal with. Exercise can help keep a large girl healthy and flexible. Good grooming habits and knowing how to dress will make her desirable to men but little can help her self esteem if she is also flat chested. Many women are self conscious about their breast size. They feel less than feminine if they are small chested. Something as simple as an invitation to a high school reunion can escalate those feelings and may help the BBW decide if breast implants are something she wants to consider. It is an easier recovery time than say having her stomach tucked.

If she does have her boobs enlarged by the time the high school reunion rolls around she will feel full of confidence. Confidence more than those large breasts, will have men are falling all over themselves wanting more than a dance from this curvaceous vixen. The flattering feeling of all the free sex partners will make her smile but not as hard as she will laugh when she sees the jealousy in all of the women’s faces. Happiness, confidence and big tits are the best revenge.


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