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November 5, 2011 at 4:03 pm (Adult Dating, Casual Sex, Online personals, Sex) (, , )

Don’t let the pious full you…you can easily get it on a Christian or Jewish single’s dating site. Don’t be distracted by all the Grammies online looking for latest pictures of their grandkids to be pasted on Facebook…lots of people are friend-ing for just one reason. An eHarmony might advertise a good game about soul-mate matching during their Hallmark-like softly focused T.V. commercials, but single men and women are finding it while looking for their soul mates too. We might kid ourselves into believing we’ve stopped at the bookstore café for a quick overprice latte when it fact all we want is to spy prospects for it laid out before us in easy retail pickings.

Free sex is everywhere.

Technically it’s not really free sex. In fact, sex like everything else always comes with a price. But if we don’t mind paying for a movie or having a movie paid for us and coming across with favors because of it, if we don’t really have anything better to do with the time and attention that we have to give a partner so they will sleep with us, then we can at least kid ourselves into believing we are getting free sex from all those websites, social portals, bookstore café’s we seem to find it but are too polite to admit are full of it.

Our biological need to get close to one another in the here-and-now, to rub pink parts against other pink parts, to coo and whisper and moan has never been stronger. We might be able to divert the urge by going on line and looking for dates, through chatting, cybering even and we might be able to stave off the inevitable getting our freak on in a club dancing and drinking the night away. But the fact is we’d all rather be fucking and if we can fuck for free-or at least easily-alls the better.

Free sex shan’t ever go away no matter how well we hide what it is, where we find it and who we do it with.


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