The Big Girl Perfection Myth

January 24, 2012 at 4:19 pm (Adult Dating, BBW, Curvy Women) (, , , )

For BBw’s down on themselves they should know perfection of body type is a myth and simply enjoy those men on a Bbw sex search
Each and everyone one of us is okay just as we, We don’t need labels. We certainly don’t need classifications like gay, or BBW’s, People are just people. We are all have value. It’s time we just accept ourselves, no matter what our size, shape or sexual preference. So many people have this image of perfection.

BBW beauty

Women in particular struggle with weight and body image. They spend vast amounts of money, time and energy trying to change their appearance in hopes of being thin and beautiful. For some this is an unobtainable goal because the goal is imagined and in their minds eye they will never be thin enough or pretty enough. But real beauty comes from inside. It is a good heart, and gentle spirit, it is confidence and a smile. It, like our bodies comes in all shapes and sizes.

Women need to know that it is ok to not be the ideal media driven imagine of beauty. They need to stop the destructive behavior and start enjoying life. One thing a large woman can do for herself is to go and cut out pictures from old movie books and magazines. Make a collage of women that are sexy and curvaceous. Look at the size diversity. Instead of trying to be someone you are not look at the pictures and take the best from each and apply it to your look. It can start with a new hair style something more flattering to your face. A new wardrobe to accentuate your assets. Take up a hobby or activity, like ballroom dancing or skeet shooting. Places where you will intermingle with people out of your usual social circle. And then don’t be surprised if men start noticing you.

They wont need to do a bbw sex search to find you because you’ll be surrounded by dozens of men, just like Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. Confident women are always thought to be sexy and desirable. So the next time a woman, large or small, starts voicing self doubt remind her that she is perfect just the way she is.


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