The Exclusion Of Our labels

January 11, 2012 at 7:31 pm (Adult Dating, BBW, Bigger is Better) (, )

People like to put things in compartments. By adding categories or descriptions to people they put them in nice little boxes. Like BBW. Big beautiful women. Why aren’t they just women? Why does their size have to be pointed out? Why is being Full-figured or Rubenesque such a statement. It is true that using words like voluptuous and zaftig brings images of women that sensual. These women are not stick thin their bodies are very womanly with large breasts and wide hips. Women like evoke this imagery are sought after by men of every culture.

Men seeking sex actively compete for woman that have large breasts and wide hips. They are the full figures of pinup girls and burlesque dancers. The way they walk and move speaks volumes about their sex. But some women don’t understand that a man will go out of his way to perform a BBW search and they downgrade who and what they are by using terms like queen-sized, plus sized, or even fat.

These terms exclude them from the gender and make them feel and society look at them as though they are lesser women. So in this world with so many liberals trying to make everything politically correct why isn’t size an issue.

Blacks, gays and even short people are more acceptable then a woman that is curvaceously not a size 0. Perhaps it is because big business can make money from being putting gays and blacks in a positive category and keeping fat people in a negative category. Acceptance of big people is not profitable. There is more movie made from diet pills, gyms, spas, doctors, and insurance agencies that keep this sector of the public from being accepted. But it is that very exclusion that makes BBW women a sought after type. By being unacceptable men wanting to fuck fat women have entered into a porn fetish zone. By labeling sex with fat girls different it now comes at a premium.


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