Different Strokes

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If we were to run around our towns and interview one hundred different people, we would probably notice one hundred different outlooks on the subject of Sex, dating, romance, and of course love. There are no two people on the planet who have the same preferences, the same likes and dislikes, the same quirks, the same fetishes, or the same desires. It is precisely all of these different strokes that are preferred by all the different folks that make the world keep spinning around.

One of the most frustrating things in life may be the fact that we are all different in so many ways. This can also be one of the most wonderful things about life, as we never know what will happen, who we will meet, where we will meet them, what they will be like, and what will work for us sexually. Every once in a while we may find ourselves in a situation that is working for us like crazy, that we would have thought that we would not be interested in at all. It is times like these when we really learn to appreciate that fact that we are all unique individuals existing together in this fabulous and wondrous universe.

We may be someone who generally prefers the preppy type. Yes, until some blue collar worker grabs us, throws us down, and makes us feel the earth move, the clouds part and the angels sing. Preppy who? Maybe we are someone who likes the corporate, responsible and upwardly mobile type. Then we meet some hippy who just absolutely rocks our world and gives us a whole new appreciation for the long haired and laid back members of our society.

It is never a good idea to describe our preferences, wants and desires in sex and dating in absolute terms because the only thing that we can be certain of when we are foolish enough to do this is that we will be wrong almost every time.


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