Good In Your Own Skin

April 19, 2012 at 4:53 pm (BBW, Curvy Women) ()

Thank God enough women grow past the point of caring what society considers beautiful. Thank God there are enough family, friends and lovers of women who enjoy all different types, colors, styles and manner of lady out there that no just one type is more popular then another. And thank God the Bbw and the thin woman, the short, the very tall, the lady with long hair and short, all women can assert themselves in business and in their personal life to be the way they want to be.


This freedom fr women-freedom women would claim they are still fighting and clawing for-does not come cheap and took years to come by. But most women these days are bound and determined to like themselves, no mater what and if they happen to be not advertising standards, or maybe older then some says they are supposed to be for a certain position, lots of women are simply plowing through these conditions and asserting themselves…as they should.

And what we all learn, women and men both, is that there are plenty of people who will accept us, befriend us, become our lover if we just be ourselves. The Bbw lady as well as the lanky teen girl just starting college, the grandma sporting the spiky grey crew cut and just about any woman anywhere can be proud of who they are and enjoy the men and the women who who enjoy them back…because they are enjoying who they are.


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