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bbw sex dating

Most of us have a predetermined set of criteria and boundaries in mind for various different topics in every area our lives. When we set out to find a hot Bbw online, we may or may not have any idea of how big remains hot and how big is a bit too big, as these criteria can and most certainly do vary from person to person as well as varying within each specific person.

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Bigger and Better

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If we are like most people in our country, we tend to like everything bigger, better and more impressive than the last time we used it, purchased it, or experienced it. It is no big surprise then, that there would be a large number of websites devoted exclusively to helping men find Bbw sex sites to hook up with big beautiful women for dating, chatting, romance, love, lust and of course sex.

BBW sex dating

When we look back over the years at things such as portion sizes, clothing sizes, and what we used to get for our money, we will realize that most vendors keep increasing the size of the products or the services as a way to justify charging more money. It is no wonder then, that when we go to a restaurant, if we do not get a very large portion of food, that we feel as if we are being cheated out of something. We seem not to care that we are paying more and more money as the sizes increase, because seeing an abundance of anything tends to make us feel more satisfied and more comfortable, which is why BBW sex dating is the best.

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The Exclusion Of Our labels

January 11, 2012 at 7:31 pm (Adult Dating, BBW, Bigger is Better) (, )

People like to put things in compartments. By adding categories or descriptions to people they put them in nice little boxes. Like BBW. Big beautiful women. Why aren’t they just women? Why does their size have to be pointed out? Why is being Full-figured or Rubenesque such a statement. It is true that using words like voluptuous and zaftig brings images of women that sensual. These women are not stick thin their bodies are very womanly with large breasts and wide hips. Women like evoke this imagery are sought after by men of every culture.

Men seeking sex actively compete for woman that have large breasts and wide hips. They are the full figures of pinup girls and burlesque dancers. The way they walk and move speaks volumes about their sex. But some women don’t understand that a man will go out of his way to perform a BBW search and they downgrade who and what they are by using terms like queen-sized, plus sized, or even fat.

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BBWs Rule The World

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BBWs are enjoying a surge in popularity lately, and they’re being treated much better by a lot of different industries as well. These days BBWs can find really sexy lingerie that is flattering and comfortable, that’s made in beautiful, luxurious fabrics and lace and in stunning colors.

BBW womanThey also have a much better selection of clothes in modern styles. In the past, plus size stores carried clothes that weren’t always modern or fun and often looked frumpy and old. Read the rest of this entry »


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Fat is not stupid

November 16, 2011 at 10:27 pm (BBW, BBW sex, Bigger is Better, Casual Sex, Sex) (, )

A lot of that that prefer chubby women jump into the online dating pool looking for a quick roll in the hay but many are finding that this sure thing, Free sex is not as easy as they were lead to believe. Online dating sites that cater to full figured women and the men that love them may have a lot of women looking for love but just like their model thin sisters they are discerning. More and more women are realizing that just because online dating programs like eharmony are showing women are weaker, easily flustered, insecure and toxic it isn’t how the real world is built.

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The Bbw march into the light

November 2, 2011 at 4:02 pm (BBW, Bigger is Better, Curvy Women) (, )

It went from the paradigm of feminine beauty being emaciated models with wan skin and indifferent dispositions to now where the Bbw rules. Certainly all women are accepted online on all types of sites specific for their body type and attitude but right now it seems the Bbw is queen.

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Bigger Is Better

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The Sex sites on the Internet have more options for us than we could possibly ever even begin to imagine. There is something for everyone out there in cyber space, and for many men, bigger is most definitely better when it comes to women, and there is certainly no shortage of bbw, or big beautiful women, sites out there on the world wide web.

Most of us have been raised with the notion that bigger is always better. People always seem to want the biggest house on the block, the biggest diamond engagement ring, the biggest and most important job that is available, and the biggest and most fabulous reputation. For some reason as Americans we have learned to equate things that are large with things that are valuable. Many of us will choose restaurants that serve large portions, even though there is more than we need or could possibly eat on our plates. Some of our wedding receptions are so large and lavish that it sometimes crosses the line into revolting and distasteful. But we want to make a big splash and be big shots whenever we have the opportunity.

For many men, the thought of an extremely large woman is very erotic and enticing. They feel that if they love women, a very large big beautiful woman just presents more to love, more flesh to enjoy, and larger and more exaggerated body parts just waiting to be enjoyed and gotten lost in. While some men love the super model thin type of woman, there are a good portion of men who will purposely seek out a very large size woman for their sexual encounters. Is this related to the concept of bigger is better? Who knows for sure?

As any man who loves big beautiful women will tell you, who cares what the reason is as long as it works and works well? For many men, it is go big or stay home.


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Why Women’s Breasts Are Getting Bigger

February 15, 2011 at 7:36 pm (BBW, Bigger is Better, Lingerie) (, )

The lingerie company Bravissimo has announced the arrival of the L cup to it’s range of lingerie labelled for larger sized breasts.

The company has said that customers who have been squeezing into the KK cup, have been campaigning for larger bra sizes ever since. Although an L cup remains far larger than the national average, there can be no doubt that when a High Street chain sees reason to supply it, demand is growing, and to are our breasts.

According to Bravissimo, there are many women with extraordinary dimensions out there and it’s not just those BBW who want it. This unprecedented demand can be explained by the fact that for years women have worn bras that were too big in the back and too small in the cup.

As more of them grasp the idea that a larger cup size and a less generous back measurement could give them a greater comfort and better shape beneath our clothes, they are buying bigger sizes then ever before.

According to Bravissimo’s estimates, at least 60 percent of women wearing a C cup should be wearing a D cup or larger. And it says the average bra size is closer to a 34E than the 36C we are led to believe.

Back in the fifties, the average woman wore a B cup, a full size smaller than today’s larger size so it’s clear our dimensions have shifted, but why?

Professor Michael Baum explains, “fat is laid down on breasts just like on thighs or bottoms. We are experiencing an obesity epidemic, so the increase in women’s measurements isn’t that suprising.” Therefore saying that bigger women are more common

However, some women claim that they are still slim in other parts of the body, except for the breasts. According to Dr Marilyn Glenville, said, “it’s clear we’re not talking just about fat, but increased levels of breast tissue.


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The Best BBW Porn Sites

February 10, 2011 at 4:00 pm (BBW, Bigger is Better, Porn Stars) (, , )

BBW stands for big beautiful women, and that’s exactly what you will find on these porn sites, so you better be into BBW. If you like chicks with more curves than you’re average girl, then you need to go to the right place. You need to find the right porn site to really get you going. Bigger is definitely better and here is a look at the very best in BBW porn:

Plumper pass: This site gives you access to six different BBW porn sites, all fearing hot and horny plump babes. The cost: $24.95 for 30 days.

Black mama: If you want to see fat ebony BBW models with huge tits then this is the site for you. The cost: $1.00 for a 3 day trial.

Black thick girls: This site features big black girls with thick butts and large natural tits. The cost: $1 for a 3 day trial.

BBW Fever: This site features really big babes in hardcore action movies and pictures. The cost: $29.95 for 30 days.

XL Girls: Check out XL girls if you are looking for big ole tiptoes, and a healthy appetite for ass pounding and pussy playing.

Plumper world: This site features over 300 exclusive BBW models. See hardcore pictures and videos of these large women in action. The cost: $4.95 for a 3 day pass.

Sexy Samantha 38g: A sexy blonde babe is featured on this site in solo, girl girl action.

Plumpers at play: This is a BBW porn site featuring smoking hot BBW playing with themselves and masturbating until they cum.

BBW Lady: This site features Femdom and foot fetish site featuring a hot blonde in high definition movies.


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