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Certain types of exercise have the effect of making women very aware of their bodies in a highly sexual way. The music, the movements and the way the movements are executed have a way of making women feel very in touch with their bodies. Any exercise class that improves physical fitness while making a woman feel really sexy and confident is definitely worth looking into, because it kills two birds with one stone. The best classes for this are pole dancing, stripping and belly dancing classes. While all three are great exercise and burn a lot of calories, they also make women feel really in tune with their bodies and their sexuality. The moves are sexy and learning them can make any woman feel graceful and empowered.

Many women seem surprised that they can even do it, so it’s a huge ego boost when they successfully learn some of the moves. Knowing that they’ll be able to go home and give their man a lap dance is a huge turn on. Belly dancing makes women feel powerful and sexy. It’s the perfect exercise for curvy women, and men seeking BBW should definitely encourage more sexy belly dancing. Throughout history, belly dancing has been considered an extremely sensual dance. Since so many of the moves are centered around the hips, it makes her focus on that area of her body which will make her feel very womanly, and that in turn will make her feel sensual, sensuous and really beautiful. She’ll come out of class feeling like she did something good for herself, but also feeling very alive and very much like a goddess. When a woman feels like that, it can only bring good things for the man in her life. Instead of jumping on that treadmill and ending up feeling tired, more women should try taking classes that make them feel energized, sexy and empowered. It will make them want to keep exercising and it will improve their sex life because they’ll be in the mood to have sex more often.


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