Why Women’s Breasts Are Getting Bigger

February 15, 2011 at 7:36 pm (BBW, Bigger is Better, Lingerie) (, )

The lingerie company Bravissimo has announced the arrival of the L cup to it’s range of lingerie labelled for larger sized breasts.

The company has said that customers who have been squeezing into the KK cup, have been campaigning for larger bra sizes ever since. Although an L cup remains far larger than the national average, there can be no doubt that when a High Street chain sees reason to supply it, demand is growing, and to are our breasts.

According to Bravissimo, there are many women with extraordinary dimensions out there and it’s not just those BBW who want it. This unprecedented demand can be explained by the fact that for years women have worn bras that were too big in the back and too small in the cup.

As more of them grasp the idea that a larger cup size and a less generous back measurement could give them a greater comfort and better shape beneath our clothes, they are buying bigger sizes then ever before.

According to Bravissimo’s estimates, at least 60 percent of women wearing a C cup should be wearing a D cup or larger. And it says the average bra size is closer to a 34E than the 36C we are led to believe.

Back in the fifties, the average woman wore a B cup, a full size smaller than today’s larger size so it’s clear our dimensions have shifted, but why?

Professor Michael Baum explains, “fat is laid down on breasts just like on thighs or bottoms. We are experiencing an obesity epidemic, so the increase in women’s measurements isn’t that suprising.” Therefore saying that bigger women are more common

However, some women claim that they are still slim in other parts of the body, except for the breasts. According to Dr Marilyn Glenville, said, “it’s clear we’re not talking just about fat, but increased levels of breast tissue.


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The Big Girls Guide To Sex

February 8, 2011 at 3:52 pm (Adult Dating, BBW, Casual Sex, Lingerie, Size-ist, Stereotype) (, )

It is official: curvy girls aren’t getting booty. A new study shows that online a third of women of a size 16 or over have sex in a week, compared with double that for size 8 girls.

What is ever worse, of the 3000 women surveyed, one in ten of those who are obese say that have not had sex for a years, simply because they hate the thought of their partner seeing them naked.

There are some men seeking BBW, but most aren’t. Something needs to be done about the sizeist attitude in the bedroom that a lot of people in today’s skinny loving society.

“It isn’t always the case that thin women are most happy with their bodies, but they do tend to be more confident in the bed,” says sexpert Kate Taylor.

“Slimmer women, for instance, are generally happier looking at themselves in the mirror and paying attention to every nook and cranny because the media often dictates that their figure is a more desirable one to have.”

The sexpert says, “they are therefore more likely to be preened and perfected than larger ladies, who often shy away from paying attention to the one thing they are ashamed of-their body.”

So, ladies, if you’re feeling conscious about your curves between the sheets, try these tips:

Food for thought: Have a romantic candlelit dinner which includes plenty of leafy green vegetable and spices like ginger and cinnamon. They are natural aphrodisiacs and have high contents of zinc that can seriously boost sex drive.

Invest in a saucy nightie: Sexy underwear doesn’t have to mean crotchless panties and barely there bras. A lot of men get seriously excited about a bit of mystery too.

Stand up and be counted: Sex standing up can induce some of the most explosive orgasms and it can also make you feel a lot slimmer.


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Sex Advice For BBW

February 3, 2011 at 3:47 pm (Adult Dating, BBW, Casual Sex, Lights-Off Sex, Lingerie) (, , )

Most big women are so overly conscious about their bulk that they’re carrying that they try and avoid sex because they feel too embarrassed about their bodies. But, the reality is, there are a lot of men out there seeking BBW for dating!

There are the ones who can’t have sex without the lights off because they don’t want their partners to see their bodies. That’s definitely the wrong approach! You can’t keep declining invitations for a rendezvous just because you feel awkward to undress your bigger body in front of him. Some men love sex with a BBW, and that’s why they are with you! How long can you go on curbing your desire to get intimate because of your fat?

You need to understand that the man who wants to have sex with you already knows that you are bigger. Men have a unique sense of being able to visualize what a woman would look like when she is naked, so even if he hasn’t seen you  yet, he has definitely pictured it in his mind. So bear in mind that he doesn’t have a problem that you are a BBW or else he wouldn’t have come to you in the first place.

Althgouh this is probably the most important thing to remember, you need some advice on how to overcome your initial inhibitions and to enjoy sex to the fullest.

Get yourself into some sexy lingerie, but avoid anything that is too skimpy. A corset style shirt with keep your waist clinched and will add firmness to your breasts at the same time. Garter belts and thigh high stockings can be used to disguise big thighs.

Wear some stilettos and strut around naked in front of your  man. They will add elegance to your walk and they will make you look taller, which will make you look less bulky.

Remember, there is not need to turn off all the lights. You can dim them a little to give it a romantic atmosphere, and you wont feel too conscious about your body. More importantly, your man will be able to see only the major curves of your body, which he will love, and the your chunks or cellulite.


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