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If you are among the men seeking sex always remember that you are dealing with real people with real feelings. Remember that you can make massive head way when you empower other people around you. You want others to feel better about themselves and more capable. The key here is to make someone feel positive about what they have to offer, build up their self esteem. You want to ideally be in the business of making friends.

You want to avoid making enemies because the world will supply you with enough on it’s own. If you make it your point to make friends and allies everywhere you go then you can easily insulate yourself from a lot of negative things. If you are looking for constant dates you can find that this job is a whole lot easier when everyone considers you a great person. When they know that you always go out of your way to help others and give people a hand up you can make a lot of good things happen for yourself. One of the key aspects to this is patronage.

You want to do favors for other people so that they will in turn owe you favors. You can then trade those favors up to do greater favors for more people which in turn leads to bigger and better favors owed you. If you collect these and use them wisely you can wrack up an impressive amount of personal influence with people. This influence can be more lucrative than money or power or anything else. It can lead you to all of those things.

With all of these things at your beck and call you can find the kind of sex or relationship you desire with little trouble at all. This will easily separate you from the people who go about things badly and carelessly. You want people to think fondly of you in every area. This is where real gain comes from.


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