BBW Dating Advice: 7 Men To Avoid

January 11, 2011 at 4:51 pm (Adult Dating, BBW) (, , )

I’ve been interested in BBW and anything that has to do with these women for a long time. I’ve written about BBW dating advice and BBW sex tips, but today I’m going to talk about the 7 types of men that all BBW’ should avoid.

1. Mr. MCP

AKA Male chauvinistic pig. This guy will always think that you’re inferrer because you’re a woman and will attempt to control you, never respect you. Unless you want to be treated like a door mar and allowing him to walk all over you, you need to tell this type of man who’s in charge and hand him his walking pass.

2. Mr. Mama’s Boy

trying to avoid men who are babies is probably hard because every man need’s their ego stroked once and a while. And if hey are constantly getting that from their mom, they’re going to expect you to do it as well.

3. Mr. Cheapskate

Sure, he’ll buy you flowers, but not before bargaining for for a $2 discount. He’s got a stack of coupons in his glove box and he probably parks 21 blocks away just to avoid paying for parking.

4. Mr Womanizer

Doesn’t matter how sexy you are, this guy will be eyeing every single woman that passes him buy.

5. Mr. Jealous

It doesn’t matter what you do; you could be being polite to the waiter and he will take it as you flirting. A little jealousy is fine, and can keep things exciting, but not when it’s stifling.

6. Mr. Narcissist

He loves himself. He spends hours looking in the mirror and getting ready. Sure, metrosexual can be sexy, but not when it’s over the top where he can’t think about anyone else but himself.

7. My Workaholic

So, he’s working hards and that’s how he is able to afford the best restaurants and expensive clothes. But, his work is always the priority.


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