A Friend Indeed

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If you are one of the many men seeking sex you can still be a very decent and honorable person even though you’re horny. In fact being decent and honorable and avoiding being a sleaze will get you into a woman’s panties faster than being a jerk. You want to remember that when you are looking for free sex partners you are still encountering real people with feelings. You never want to get someone’s feelings hurt because you took advantage of them.

It may seem like more fun to be a sort of bad boy but the truth is you can accomplish this without being a mean spirited and callous person. There may be times when you scored and thought wow this is going to be a really great fuck only to have the sex land flat. It may just be that the two of you weren’t compatible. You don’t have to hurt the girl’s feelings by announcing it to the world. If you spare them and show yourself to be a decent person this could turn from a lousy fuck into a valuable friend. They may be very eager to help you out and get you hooked up with someone who is looking for the same thing you are. This could be an invaluable tool and one that other guys who are sleaze bags don’t have.

You could find yourself heads above the rest and with no rivals in sight at all. If your new friend introduces you or spreads the word that you can be trusted and relied upon you might even find yourself with some really great opportunities. There is always the chance of even scoring a girl, girl, guy threesome because of it. But remember that women talk about everything and everyone. So if you were callous, if you were rude, if you didn’t get her to orgasm that information would spread and you could end up getting frozen out for being a jerk. On the other hand being a gentleman could score big time for you.


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Searching the middle ages for fat women

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In the middle ages a well endowed over weight European woman was considered to be very healthy and very sexy. It was also believed that she had plenty of food to eat therefore her father or her husband was very rich. Double chins and love handles were signs of beauty and big rolls of belly fat were considered signs of fertility.

A woman with extra fat on her stomach, hip and thighs was thought to be able to keep a baby to term and have that baby delivered safe and fat itself. This is contrary to what doctors tell women. It has been a trend since the 1950’s for doctors to reinforces the belief that a skinny woman has an easier time of delivering a baby and that a woman should not gain any more than 20-30 pounds. This belief stems from the current desire of men to be with sexy model thin women.

So the sooner a woman gets her fighting weight back the sooner her husband will want to fuck her. Many men just wont go out with much less have sex with a fat woman. As narrow a view as that is there are those men that go out of their way to be chubby chasers. It’s true that today with so many cooking shows and the new trend of people declaring themselves foodies it is hard to be model thin.

A woman that wears a size 14 is still sexy, if not sexier than a size 0 to a lot men. A size 14 may not be fat but she is still classified as a big beautiful woman. In most cases she is fit and healthy. In fact that is probably why the current trend of men seeking BBW is focused towards BBW searches. Men looking to hook up with a hot BBW can look to the Internet online dating sites or he can simply visit his local fresh market. Women that like to cook and like to eat good cooking are usually seen there and it is a safe relaxed place to start a conversation.




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My Fat Friend Has More Sex Then Me

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Here’s a shallow comparison between me and my best mate. I am an avid gym goer, my mate breaks a sweat when reaching for twinkie .I pride myself on being well fit, my mate thinks pilates is for women that have no hobbies. I love having sex, my mate has a lot of sex, and I however do not. It wasn’t until recently that I fell in a long dry spell that I noticed that my fatter best friend was having much more sex then I was. What was wrong with this picture, I thought women wanted a fit guy? Instead it seems that women actually enjoy a larger man as well.

I asked him what his secret was and this is what he told me. He said that larger women were more willingly to have sex then regular sized women because the were more accepting and sexually turned on by the offer. So fat women aren’t picky? He says its not about being picky or being easy its about the actual concept of sex. If he goes into a bar and hits on a normal sized girl it seems that she starts taking into account his weight, her weight, the future, what other people will say, her need to have more then just sex and even a relationship. Things that will definitely stall a normal girls answer to just fuck. But when he goes to the bar and spots a round woman with a cute face and flirts with the intention of just having sex, then sex is exactly what she’s comprehending too . She’s not worried about what everyone else there could be or isn’t, all she’s thinking about is the offer of sex. Either she says no or yes but she won’t take her time to deicide, she tends to know right away.

Basically, from what he tells me, larger women are more content with themselves in accepting that a man will just want to have sex instead of anything else that could or could not follow. Fat chicks live in the moment. But why? He tells me he doesn’t know but he really doesn’t care. He says maybe fat chicks just lack self control when a man approaches them or may be a fat chick is just easier to get along with because they don’t have their heads up their asses with shallow shit. His words not mine.

Well obviously Ive been knocking on the wrong door when it comes to hooking up and just having a good time so I think i will take his ill proved advice and venture off in the BBW world. Hey sex is sex to me, no matter what size the woman is, a valuable lesson taught by my best mate.


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