Driving in Style

September 20, 2011 at 6:01 pm (BBW, Casual Sex, Men seeking sex, Online personals) (, )

When we go onto the world wide web to surf through all of the various and sundrysites, we are often amazed at all the different options that are available to us. If it is a Bbw that we are interested in, we can easily find many many sites that will cater to our desire for a big beautiful woman. The Internet is some ways is like a giant virtual car lot and all we have to do is make our choice and drive it on home.

For many people, bigger always tends to be just a bit better. Many people would hate the idea of driving around in a Volkswagen or a SmartCar when they could be travelling in style in a big fat Cadillac sedan. Any many men feel that same way about their women. Some men just love the idea of a very large size woman to wrap themselves around them. They feel the same way that they feel about their cars, bigger is definitely better. Whether it is a foreign or a domestic model, it has to be big big big and the bigger the better.


Who knows what causes this preference? Could it be that these men had super large size mothers? Or that being with a very big woman makes them feel more svelte and smaller? Or do they just like getting lost in lots and lots of folds and mounds of flesh? We will probably never know the answers to any of these questions and that is perfectly fine because guess what? It is absolutely none of our business whatsoever. The sexual preferences of anyone other than ourselves are completely totally and forever none of our damn business. Everyone does what they want, everyone takes care of themselves and everyone answers for themselves, that’s how it works best. Period.

So choose you ride, get behind the wheel, and go and enjoy the open road.


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